HUFFINGTON POST: Man Meets Capitol Police Officer Who Saved His Life

Rep. Carson recently had the honor of reuniting a constituent with the man who saved his life.

Capitol Police Officer Nicholas Simons came to the aid of Indiana Trucking Association president Gary Langston after Langston suffered a cardiac arrest in front of a Senate building. A year later, Langston had the opportunity to thank Officer Simons when they met in Congressman Carson’s office.

These are our true heroes,” Carson said of Simons and other officers.

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CNN: Black men descend on the Capitol to push for big ‘yes’ vote on Loretta Lynch

Congressman Carson joined a group “including clergy, members of 100 Black Men of America, members of the Alpha Phi Alpha and Omega Psi Phi fraternities” to visit Republican senators who have yet to decide their vote on potential Department of Justice head Loretta Lynch’s confirmation.

Lynch has the confirmed votes to secure confirmation, but this group, which plans to continue to lobby the Congress, would like “to make the final count a decisive majority.”

INDYSTAR: House passes cybersecurity information-sharing bill

Rep. Carson introduced an amendment to the bipartisan Protecting Cyber Networks Act, which will “back up the bill’s ban on the sharing of personal information with federal agencies.” The bill passed 307-116.

“We have protections in place to ensure that the intelligence community cannot collect and utilize your personal data,” the Indianapolis Democrat said during the floor debate. “This amendment simply ensures that Congress and the public get to see this sharing process, see how it works, if these protections happen to fail.”

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